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Books written by Robert Taylor

​I was born and raised in Bryan, Texas a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...

I started writing stories down when I was ten after one of my older sisters (thanks, Gari!) read an assignment I'd written for school and thought it was hysterical. I followed it up with lots of other stories, all of which have doubtless been reborn as wildflowers and trees after this many decades of decomposing.

Once I got a little adultish, I spent a few years bopping around; I lived in Austin, went to college back home, sweated out a summer doing summer stock in Seguin, TX, spent a year in Paris as an au pair, and finally moved to Los Angeles to break into the movies. The fact that you have seen me in exactly 0 movies should indicate my level of success at this.

I was more successful at computing, which I moved back to Texas to do and have been employed at for around a quarter century at this point. God, I'm old. Old and boring.

After the move back, I got together with my sweet honey​ and we had two little honeys of our own.

While my wife was pregnant with our firstborn, I had the idea for a unique and colorful blog that would be a way to introduce myself to the world and become a springboard for my writing to reach a wider audience. RPGs-a-plenty hit Blogger and I was off and running!

Oh, and at the same time, I started using Blogger to make a fun little blog in which I invented alternate histories and wrote flash fictions about them in a Today-In-History format. It was mainly a writing spur and a place to make outlines and notes about projects I wanted to flesh out later. I didn't plan to do anything much with it, but I made it public and gave it a cute name, anyway - Today In Alternate History - just because I thought it was fun.

Naturally, people noticed the one I didn't intend to do anything with.

TIAH was more successful for me than anything I'd written before or since, but it didn't exactly let me quit my day job. I handed it over to an Ascended Fan, who has, to be honest, run it better than I ever did, even if he did change my format to magazine-style.

Since handing over the reins to TIAH, I've been concentrating on novels and this whole ebook thing the kids are talking about these days. I have a friend who's doing quite well at this, and I have nothing but high hopes for my own future. After all, JK Rowling is only a month older than I am.

When you have a minute, ask me about the people who followed the path I blazed who are now WAY more successful than I am. Go ahead. I'm not bitter or anything