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CV of Kenneth Courtney



Kenneth Courtney stands out as a senior web technology consultant, specializing in advanced technological solutions. Bringing in over 20,000 hours of hands-on software development experience, he excels at driving results through his analytical mindset, architectural proficiency, and programming expertise.

Kenneth possesses a unique blend of technical skills, which empowers him to architect and implement comprehensive solutions. His extensive track record extends beyond the corporate arena, and includes successfully developing a software company that designs, markets, and supports custom modules for the DNN Enterprise Information Portal framework.

In recent years, Kenneth has concentrated his professional efforts on DotNetNuke (DNN) module development, showcasing his commitment to continuously updating his skills and aligning them with emerging technologies. His versatility and capacity to adapt set the foundation for high-quality and impactful technological solutions.

Technical Skills 

MCSE, ID 352835, March 1997
Platforms and Languages:
VUE.js, React, NextJS 13, DNN (DotNetNuke 6,7,8,9) C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET, VB, SQL, JavaScript, XML, XSLT, HTML, CSS, Node, Linux, Windows Server Administration, IIS 7 & 10, MS SQL Database Design and Maintenance, Application Performance Monitoring with Dynatrace, Datadog, and UptimeKuma, Vulnerability Remediation.

Work History

DNN Consultant, Tech Mahindra for BJC Medical Group, St Louis, MO 

Led the technical oversight and maintenance for 35 standalone DNN websites, each hosting a suite of custom web applications across multiple DNN versions. This role demanded a robust grasp of the DNN and MVC frameworks, utilized to create and maintain over 50 custom modules, initially developed by various vendors.
Commanded a team of four, flawlessly executing the upgrade of 20 sites transitioning from DNN 8.0.3/4 to DNN 9.10.2. This ambitious project also required us to migrate these applications from a Windows Server 2008 to a Windows 2019 environment, demonstrating our ability in managing robust, system-wide transitions.
Enhanced and maintained diverse modules including a customized E-Greeting Card module, enriched to support user uploaded photos for patient delivery, and a Birth Plan module, re-engineered to produce an organized birth plan using WkHtmlToPdf and delivering it to patients via email. Also improved a MVC service locator and created an ER location search module using Vue.JS 3.0 CLI, Google Maps API, and Inquicker, developing an efficient user search experience, sorting results by ascending distance.
Experienced in compiling and building various DNN versions (DNN 8.0.3, 8.0.4, 9.0.1, 9.1.1, 9.10.2) for the purpose of debugging glitches in persona and admin bars. Skillful in debugging DNN’s core source code during upgrade processes and adept at updating DNN modules to align with revised DNN APIs as they evolve over different versions.
Consistently responded to daily service level agreement RITMs and handled incident resolutions promptly. Excelled in troubleshooting server performance and synchronization issues and exhibited finesse in configuring web farm environments for DNN sites.
Skillfully implemented Figma designs into CSS/HTML for production healthcare websites. Devised numerous 2sxc custom apps for efficient structured content management. Maintained an impressive record in design and upkeep of 997 DNNSharp Action Forms.
Established a shared knowledge base using Microsoft OneNote, acting as a central repository for vital developer notes and project documentation, promoting a collaborative and effective development approach.
Frequently monitored application performance using tools like Dynatrace, DataDog, and Uptime-Kuma, ensuring optimal efficiency and uptime across all web applications.

Tools/Platform: ASP.NET MVC, Bootstrap 3 & 4, DNN (DotNetNuke) Versions 6, 7, 8, & 9, Microsoft Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, GitHub Copilot, Microsoft SQL Server, GitHub Enterprise Source Control, DynaTrace, and Uptime-Kuma.

Technical Support Representative - 24/7 Intouch for Netflix, Clearwater, FL (Oct 2018 - Mar 8, 2021)

  • Recognized for exceptional performance with multiple awards for delivering outstanding customer service and maintaining impeccable adherence standards in a demanding 24/7 environment.
  • Expertly handled a multitude of customer scenarios, including password recovery, sign-in difficulties, registration guidance, content feedback, and subscription cancellations, consistently striving for swift and satisfactory resolutions.
  • Addressed sensitive content complaints, demonstrating professionalism and empathy, ensuring customer concerns were escalated and recorded accurately for internal review.
  • Contributed to the team's collective goal of maintaining Netflix's reputation for exemplary customer service, drawing from a deep understanding of the platform, its features, and its policies.
  • Utilized and mastered internal call software, ensuring efficient logging, tracking, and resolution of customer interactions, while maintaining a high standard of data accuracy and confidentiality.

Tools/Platform: Internal Call Software.

Microsoft .NET and DNN Consultant - Diditbetter Software/Advantage International, Tampa, FL

Unified two distinct DNN websites operating on different DNN versions by developing a specialized upgrade module for the destination site. This intricate task not only required expert DNN understanding, but also demonstrated proficiency in custom module development for nuanced project requirements.
Successfully upgraded the commercial Portal Store module to its most recent version, following which the enhanced module was imported into the new, consolidated DNN site. This strategic move involved the secure and efficient combination of over 10,000 user accounts derived from the two original sites, ensuring a seamless user transition to the integrated platform.
Designed a tailored DNN module for change control, enabling direct file uploads to the site. This feature improvement provided customers the effortless ability to download software updates directly, significantly enriching the user engagement experience.
Subsequently, I successfully integrated user download activities with the DidItBetter commercial CRM product. Primarily employing a web API specifically built for this function, this integration further enriched the CRM's efficiency by providing real-time user interactions with the software updates.

Tools/Platform: Microsoft Visual Studio 2017, MS SQL Server 2016, Microsoft Visual Source Safe, Microsoft Project, Visio, Windows Server 2003 & IIS 6.0.

Senior Programmer Analyst - Rita Technology Services Contractor for Protel Incorporated, Lakeland, FL

Embarked on a prominent role as a Senior Programmer Analyst, managing a distinctive reporting solution application which was seamlessly woven into the Oracle application layer, and complemented with a C# ASP.NET web interface. Showcased my acumen in DNN and ASP.NET by developing and maintaining Protel’s public-facing website and desigining several custom modules.
Leveraged ASP.NET Web Services and XML to design and sustain partner-facing web services and specifications, further enhancing the communication and integration with our business partners.
Skillfully executed a complete redesign of the corporate website using the DNN framework. This transformation not only modernized the website's aesthetics but also introduced new features. I integrated the Sigma Pro Commercial DNN module and the XMod Custom Form DNN commercial module to cultivate an environment where customers could create and keep track of help tickets efficiently, enhancing user satisfaction and promoting client engagement.

Tools/Platform: Microsoft C#, ASP.NET, Oracle 11G, Infragistics netVantage Controls, AJAX Control Toolkit, Web Services, XML & XSLT, Service Oriented Architecture, Visual Studio.NET all versions, IIS, Windows Services, Visual Source Safe, Configuration Management, Sharepoint.

JetKey Software, Technical Architect and Lead Developer, Tampa, FL
As a Technical Architect and Lead Developer, I was entrusted with the responsibility of developing a dynamic social networking site using the DNN framework. The platform provided users a personalized experience to track their favorite NFL teams and engage in a Fantasy Football league, making sports tracking a more immersive and interactive experience.
Designed an innovative reward-based system that monitored users' engagement on different site elements. This feature bestowed a cash prize on the most active or 'stickiest' users, encouraging constant engagement and fostering a thriving user community.
Crafted a DNN Twitter-clone module and a sophisticated multi-level marketing system. This system empowered users to capitalize on their personal email address books as well as logging into MSN, AOL, GMail, and Yahoo Mail to refer friends, boosting the site's user base and fostering site engagement.
Developed a Dashboard module leveraging Windows Workflow Foundation (WWF) and the Ajax Control Toolkit, equipping users with customization options to curate their individualized mini dashboard modules. These modules included tailored team and player statistics, enhancing user experience.
Conceived an advanced import function for the subscription of a comprehensive sports statistics feed, and expertly managed the final configuration and integration of multiple contractor-provided modules to ensure optimal site performance and seamless user experiences.
Tools/Platform: DNN, VB.NET, C#, ASP.NET, Telerik Rad Controls, AJAX, Web Services, Windows Workflow Foundation, XML & XSLT, Service Oriented Architecture, Visual Studio, IIS, SQL Server, Windows Services, TortoiseSVN and AnkhSVN Source Control.

Internal Systems Architect - Bisk Education, Tampa, FL
Championed the architectural redevelopment and enhancement of key features within the Line Of Business (LOB) ERP system, catering to 600+ users. The application, built on ASP.NET, staged and managed orders before their entry into the company's Microsoft Great Plains Dynamics ERP. I architected a custom solution for returning processed orders back into MS Great Plains Dynamics using its xml gateway, establishing an efficient and bidirectional workflow.
Spearheaded the design, analysis, and technical leadership for a major CRM (Talisma) integration project. The project's core mission was to seamlessly integrate the Talisma CRM into an existing digital ecosystem comprising ten essential business systems. Each of these was either replaced or augmented by the new system. The ultimate objective was to create a departmental level dashboard offering a comprehensive 360-degree view into the status of each of Bisk’s customers, improving decision making and operational efficiencies.
Conducted comprehensive technical analysis and architectural design for the integration of Florida Institute of Technology and Bisk financial processes. This required both real-time and batch web service integrations, including financial aid, payment, registration, and demographic information. This unified platform successfully synchronized diverse systems and ensured smooth operations between partners.
Tools/Platform: Microsoft VB.NET, C#, ASP.NET, Telerik Rad Controls, AJAX, Web Services, XML & XSLT, Service Oriented Architecture, Visual Studio.NET, IIS, SQL Server, SQL Reporting Services, Windows Services, Source Gear Vault, Configuration Management, Sharepoint Portal Service, Microsoft BizTalk Server, Windows Workflow Foundation.

Senior .NET Programmer/Analyst - Rita Technology Services for Time Warner Retail Sales, Tampa, FL
Fulfilled the central role as a senior programmer/analyst, responsible for the development and upkeep of various ASP.NET and Windows Forms applications, utilizing the robust Microsoft WPF framework.
Designed and implemented a 'pluggable' Windows Forms Smart Client framework using MVC architecture, which was instrumental for numerous development tasks. These included managing an existing ASP.NET project management solution based on the C# IBuySpy Portal Framework, operating SMTP mail for reports dispatch, among other responsibilities.
I architected a pluggable Windows Service framework that facilitated batch processing and interprocess communication. I developed a multitude of clients for this framework, each designed for processing files based on either a predetermined interval or in response to a queued message. This also included designing endpoints for the Microsoft BizTalk Server.
Tools/Platform: Microsoft C#, ASP.NET, DNN Framework, Web Services, XML & XSLT, Service Oriented Architecture, Visual Studio.NET, IIS, Oracle, SQL Server 2005 & SQL Reporting Services, Windows Services, PVCS, Microsoft BizTalk Server.

Senior .NET Programmer/Analyst - Rita Technology Services for Marriot Vacation Club International, Lakeland, FL
Took on the key responsibility for the development and maintenance of components critical to the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Enterprise Integration. The architecture constituted of technology and task-specific ASP.NET Web Services that connected to a proprietary middleware orchestration engine.
Each service was entrusted with the mission of translating various business messages between formats using XML Persistence and XSLT, or interfacing with third party service APIs using web services. This transformative duty ensured the optimum communication agility and message comprehensibility between different technical systems, maximizing business efficiency and operational integrations.
Tools/Platform: Microsoft C#, ASP.NET, Web Services, XML & XSLT, SOA, Visual Studio.NET, IIS, Oracle, PVCS.

Senior .NET Programmer/Analyst - Rita Technology Services for Polk County Public Schools Bartow, FL
Stepped into the role of a Senior Programmer tasked with new development and maintenance of an N-Tier OLTP student information system. My primary responsibilities included the development and documentation of new reports using Data Dynamics Active Reports and application forms for the legacy VB 6.0 & SQL Server student information system. This extensive system managed records for over 100,000 students, 10,000 educational personnel, and , thereby requiring impeccable precision and top-notch performance.
I served as the technical lead for the web-based student administration & registration system ( This comprehensive project involved three full-time developers, a full-time project manager, and several QA & DBA resources, showcasing my ability to orchestrate and lead significant technical ventures.
I developed and maintained a collection of task-specific modules using VB.NET within the DNN. Modules developed included a Student Application, a Single Sign-On SOAP Web Service, and a TABE test administration and registration. Additionally, I integrated functionality into these modules to enable communication with the legacy student information system and the SAP accounting system, using linked SQL Servers and the SAP DotNET Connector.
Tools/Platform: Visual Basic 6.0, Visual Basic.NET, ASP.NET, DNN, SAP DotNET Connector, Visual Studio.NET, IIS, Microsoft SQL Server 2000, PVCS Version Management.

Senior .NET Programmer/Analyst - OpenDoor Software/Advantage International, Tampa, FL
Held the responsibility for performing analysis, defining requirements, outlining technical architecture, and developing a number of N-Tier ASP.NET & VB.NET information management systems for client sites, which included notable projects like The Insiders Guide,, and
Crafted a comprehensive Unit Dose Labeling System that integrated frequently updated FDA NDC Data, providing a robust solution for clients, including prominent pharmacies such as the Moffitt Cancer Research Center, Shriners Children’s Hospitals, and University Community Health Center.
Acted as a core team member in developing DNNeLearn, an Open-Source Learning Management System. My contributions significantly shaped the final product, showcasing my ability to collaborate on expansive, shared projects and deliver valuable inputs.
Tools/Platform: Microsoft Visual Studio.NET, VB 6.0, ADO.NET, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Visual Source Safe, Microsoft Project. Visio, Windows Server & IIS.

Senior Programmer Analyst - Team Information Services for Caremedic Systems, Inc.

Played a key role in the analysis, requirements documentation, technical architecture design, and development of an N-Tier Visual Basic 6.0 Client/Server Enterprise information management system, replacing numerous disparate applications within Caremedic Systems. He utilized the Microsoft Solutions Framework during all development phases and applied advanced data features of ActiveX Data Objects to provide business layer data provider to client applications. Configuration management was implemented using Visual Source Safe.

Tools/Platform: Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0, Visual Basic.Net, ADO, MTS, MSMQ, COM+, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Visual Source Safe, Microsoft Project, Visio.

Senior Programmer Analyst - RADAR Group/ACIA Software Tampa, Florida

Multiple client projects, including returning to Hartline to enhance and maintain an application developed in 1998, developing an Active Server Pages content management system, and implementing several non-profit organization websites.

Tools/Platform: Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0, Visual Basic.Net, ADO, MTS, MSMQ, COM+, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Visual Source Safe, Microsoft Project, Visio, Windows 2000 Professional client operating systems, Windows 2000 Server Network operating system.

Senior Programmer Analyst - Veredus Corporation for Chase Home Finance Tampa, FL

As a member of the ZiPPY Team, Kenneth focused on the development and maintenance of an N-Tier enterprise mortgage underwriting analysis application. He provided detailed analysis, developed and maintained environment documentation, and implemented a major upgrade of the DecisionWise underwriting system code. Kenneth authored and maintained numerous technical documents, including build manuals, programmer technical documentation, and change control documentation.

Tools/Platform: Microsoft Visual Basic 5.0 and 6.0, ADO, MTS, MSMQ, COM+, Sybase SQL Server 11.92, Microsoft SQL Server 2000, Embarcadero Rapid SQL, Intersolv PVCS Version Control system, Microsoft Visual Modeler, Microsoft Project, Visio, Windows NT Server, Terminal Server, and Citrix MetaFrame.

Senior Programmer Analyst - RHI Consulting for Ceridian Employer Services St. Petersburg, FL

Kenneth was responsible for designing and developing a gross-to-net pay check calculation engine capable of processing 1 million paychecks per hour. Technologies utilized included Microsoft COM+ Services, Extreme Logic's High Volume Engine, and the development of Visual Basic components necessary to support this batch calculation process using Microsoft Visual Modeler, SQL Server 2000 data modeling tools, and Microsoft Visual Source Safe version control system.

Tools/Platform: Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0, ADO, COM+ Services, MSMQ, Microsoft SQL Server 2000, Microsoft Visual Source Safe, Microsoft Visual Modeler, Microsoft Project, Visio, Windows 2000 Server, Extreme Logic High Volume Engine for COM+ & and MSMQ.

Senior Programmer Analyst - Bayshore Solutions / Hydrogen Media, Inc St. Petersburg, Florida

Kenneth designed and developed numerous solutions using Visual Basic, Active Server Pages, COM+, Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 and 2000 while working as a Senior Programmer Analyst at Hydrogen Media, Inc in St. Petersburg, Florida. Development tools used in these projects included Visual Interdev, Cold Fusion Editor, and Visual Source Safe. Some notable accomplishments at Hydrogen Media include:

    • Development of standard shopping cart, content management, and reporting tools.
    • Integration of numerous e-commerce sites utilizing multiple live payment systems. Kenneth built COM+ Visual Basic components to connect with Authorize.NET for payment services.
    • Design and implementation of live order fulfillment, real-time inventory management, and customer service with Access Amway Logistics, Inc. The solution was implemented using XML and UPS Rates component to check real-time shipping charges of shopping cart contents.
    • Development of a standalone Synchronization Manager using Visual Basic 6.0, designed to synchronize various disparate recruiting databases with a Hydrogen Media-designed Cold Fusion-powered website.

Tools/Platform: Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0, JavaScript, MTS, MSMQ, COM+, Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 and 2000, Microsoft Internet Information Server, Microsoft Active Server Pages, Data Dynamics Active Reports 1.0 and 2.0, Cold Fusion 4.5, Visual Source Safe, Microsoft Project. Visio. Windows NT Server, Terminal Server, Windows 2000 Professional and Server, Oracle 8 Server, Redhat Linux 6.2, Samba, NFS, PostgreSQL, MySQL, and Apache.

Senior Programmer Analyst - Web Advertising Technologies, Inc. Tampa, Florida

At Web Advertising Technologies, Inc., Kenneth designed, developed, and implemented the Web Advertising Traffic System (WATS), an Internet Marketing system using Microsoft Windows 2000 COM+ Services, SQL Server, and Active Server Pages. WATS generated over 3,500 unique clicks a day and more than 3,000 unique IP addresses a day. Additionally, Kenneth developed Visual Basic 6.0 and Active Server Pages applications using ADO, ADSI, and basic File I/O to manage over 600 Internet domains on multiple Windows 2000 servers. The functionality of these applications included registration, DNS on multiple DNS servers, maintenance of IP address mappings, and configuration of over 450 virtual servers on Microsoft Internet Information Server.

Tools/Platform: Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0, JavaScript, COM+, Microsoft SQL Server 7.0, Microsoft Active Server Pages, Cold Fusion 4.5, Visual Source Safe, Microsoft Project. Visio. Seagate Crystal Reports 6.0 including Report ActiveX Server, Windows NT Server, Terminal Server, Windows 2000 Professional and Server, Oracle 8 Server, Redhat Linux 6.2, Samba, NFS, PostgreSQL, MySQL, and Apache.

Chief Technology Officer - Computer Systems Group Tampa, FL

As the Chief Technology Officer at Computer Systems Group, Kenneth's responsibilities included sales, in-house information technologies development, and Internet services development. He was responsible for providing senior onsite networking technical support to over one hundred customers. Kenneth designed and developed a sales management and automation tool using Active Server Pages, Visual Basic, and Microsoft Access. This application integrated Microsoft Outlook, Word, Exchange Server, and Zeta Fax to automate the process of sending and tracking the results of sales-related faxes using Exchange, Outlook, Microsoft Word, and ZetaFax. Kenneth also managed and migrated Meta-IP DNS 2.0 to 3.0, BIND 8, and Windows 2000 DNS Servers. He was also responsible for implementing and maintaining a RADIUS server for dial-up user authentication and an Apache web server for hosting customer websites.

Tools/Platform: Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0, Active Server Pages, Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, JavaScript, Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Word, Zeta Fax, Meta-IP DNS, BIND 8, Windows 2000 DNS, RADIUS, Apache Web Server, Windows NT Server, Terminal Server, Windows 2000 Professional and Server, RedHat Linux, Samba, NFS, PostgreSQL, MySQL, and various network hardware and software technologies.

Technical Consultant - Data Access Solutions Orlando, FL

Kenneth worked as a Technical Consultant at Data Access Solutions, where he was responsible for designing and implementing custom Visual Basic and Access applications for various clients. He was also involved in managing Microsoft SQL Server 6.5 and 7.0 databases, as well as designing and implementing database structures and stored procedures. Additionally, Kenneth provided onsite technical support and training to clients using Visual Basic and Access applications. He worked closely with customers to understand their requirements and ensured that the developed solutions met their business needs.

Tools/Platform: Microsoft Visual Basic, Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server 6.5 and 7.0, T-SQL, Stored Procedures, Microsoft Windows NT, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Project, and various other software tools.

Kenneth's strong technical background in programming languages, databases, web development, and systems administration has proven invaluable in his various roles throughout his career. He has a proven track record of delivering robust solutions that meet clients' needs and expectations. With his exceptional problem-solving skills, Kenneth has consistently demonstrated his ability to tackle complex challenges and deliver successful outcomes.

Awards & Recognitions

Outstanding Developer Award - Celer Soft, Katy, TX

Kenneth received the Outstanding Developer Award at Celer Soft for his exceptional performance in leading the upgrade of 20 DNN websites and successfully migrating them to a new server environment. His dedication to providing quality work and ability to manage complex projects made him an invaluable asset to the company.

Professional Affiliations

DotNetNuke (DNN) Community Member

Kenneth Courtney is an active member of the DNN community, where he shares his knowledge and expertise with fellow developers, participates in discussions, and stays up-to-date with the latest trends and advancements in the DNN ecosystem. His involvement in the community has allowed him to develop a strong network of professionals, contributing to his growth as a DNN expert.

Hobbies & Interests

Outside of his professional life, Kenneth is an avid sports fan and enjoys watching and playing football. He also has a keen interest in emerging technologies and often dedicates his free time to learning about new programming languages and frameworks. Kenneth enjoys traveling and exploring different cultures, which has helped him develop a broad perspective on the world and an appreciation for diverse ideas and viewpoints.