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Clearwater Florida Oqtane, DotNetNuke & .NET Developer

Every journey begins with the first step.

Welcome to KenDev.Co! Ken is a DNN® Platform subject matter expert. Ken has developed more than 30 modules for DNN including a full featured ecommerce module, a document management system module and a gallery module. He has experience with ASP.NET MVC and DNN MVC module development, classic web forms, and Vue.JS 3.0 modules. He has developed gaming based websites, organization management sites, scheduling applications, prepackaging of prescription medication labels, advertising calendar place matts, articulation speech therapy software, reporting tools using numerous reporting tools, Telerik PDF writer and WkHtmltoPdf.exe for rendering pdf files for reports, Great Plains Dynamics order entry web application, customer relationship management systems, Talisma CRM interfaces, Web APIS, and much much more.

Ken has been squarely focused on DNN development for many years. He has extensive experience troubleshooting OPC (other peoples code) when upgrading DNN websites and has upgraded DNN from every version to every version for vulnerability remediation. Ken also has a strong level of knowledge when it comes to Oqtane and looks to move all of his new development efforts to the Oqtane platform. He has extensive experience with DNNSharp ActionForms and 2sxc Structured Content Module for DNN and Oqtane.

If you have a DNN website needing upgrade, Ken is your guy. If you have a legacy DNN module needing enhancements or vulnerability remediation, Ken is your guy. If you have DNN module you want to migrate to Oqtane, Ken is your guy. If you have a website you want to run in the cloud, Ken is your guy. If you have a website you need monitored 24/7, Ken is your guy. If you need a custom module developed in DNN or Oqtane, Ken is your guy. If you have a DNN page that is infinitely redirecting, Ken is your guy. If you have a 2sxc module which is needing enhancement or repair, Ken is your guy. If you have a DNNSharp/PlantAnApp ActionForm needing enhancement or troubleshooting, Ken is your guy.

Contact me today on LinkedIn to find out how I can help you.