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Services - Upgrade Your DNN/DotNetNuke Website

Embarking on a website upgrade journey can feel like navigating a labyrinth. Each upgrade is unique, presenting its unique blend of challenges and specificities. However, at KenDev.Co, you can always count on expert handling, thanks to our deep roots in DNN version handling, ensuring seamless transitions at every stage of the journey.

An integral part of our comprehensive upgrade process involves diligent attention to module upgrades and fixes. One might think that not having a source code for a module spells trouble, but that's not the case with our expert team. We break barriers and turn impossibilities into possibilities with the help of advanced reverse engineering tools such as DotPeak and dnSpy.

In order to ensure that no detail eludes our sight and to streamline the upgrade process, we adopt a meticulous approach of capturing the 'before' and 'after' of your website using screenshots. This method is not just visually satisfying but incredibly practical. It helps us to identify any differences post-upgrade. This aids in accelerating the upgrade process, enhancing quality control, and ensuring that the integrity of your original design remains intact.

Furthermore, we take the time to verify each functionality and content placement, making sure that every link directs correctly, and every image and text block is properly aligned. This is to ensure that the user experience and website aesthetics remain uncompromised throughout the upgrade.

At KenDev.Co, we are unwavering in our commitment – there are no upgrade challenges too daunting for us or too complicated to be accomplished promptly. Choose us as your DNN® upgrade partner, and experience the difference our proficiency, innovative approach, and meticulous attention to detail can make to your digital journey.